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At OPU, we are committed to offering our customers the products we use ourselves. We are real people, just like you, with limited time to spend in the outdoors. Over the years we have searched for products that allow us to enjoy the time we do have to the fullest; that's why we offer the products we do! Each and every product we provide was first purchased for our own personal use before offering it to you, our customer. These products have been "field tested" by our "team" and found to provide the functionality and durability that will meet your demands at an affordable price.

OPU's foundation is based on fulfilling the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, just like us! From setting a centerpiece of elegance to your landscape that only a flagpole can provide, to a comfortable and supporting bleacher chair that makes a day spent at a sporting event an enjoyable experience. American Flagpoles and Stadium Chairs can't be beat. For people who enjoy a more active outdoor lifestyle; Bad Boy Buggies, Snap Lock Blinds, and Hydroports make for a great day at the farm, field, or lake. To learn more about any of the products we offer, visit the page dedicated specifically to that item.

It is our sincere desire that you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and we are confident these products will help you to do so. We hope we can be of service to you and your family; so please contact us if we can help. Remember, at OPU, we only sell the products we use ourselves and have found them to provide functionality and durability that will meet your demands at an affordable price. Have a wonderful day and may God bless you!


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