If you are an outdoor sportsman, you cannot do without this unit. The Bad Boy SUV (Silent Utility Vehicle) is the first ever All Electric 4WD with reverse. Not only is it quiet, it's clean and environmentally friendly as well. No more noisy gas engines to worry about. The Bad Boy will give you all the power you need to go places you've never gone before. Whether you are hunting, doing yard work, farming, camping, gardening, working construction, or transporting clients, friends or family, the Bad Boy Buggy is the versatile machine that meets all your needs. Need power, you've got it. Need a hauler, it's there. Need to be quiet, they will never hear you coming!

For more information or to purchase your Bad Boy Buggie, call us at (770) 786-5940, or contact us today.

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Recoil iS


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