The outdoor lifestyle would not be complete without grilling with friends and family.  We have tried and currently use many types of smokers and grills from charcoal to gas and we finally found what we believe to be the best grill/smoker combinations on the market today.  Let me introduce the Green Mountain Grill! 

Unlike most grills that use messy charcoal or flavorless natural or propane gas, this grill uses flavored pellets made from clean, kiln-dried sawdust.  Pellet grills win far more than their fair share of BBQ competitions because the food simply tastes better when cooked over real wood.  

Green Mountain Grill

How it Works

These grills are so easy to use that all you need to do is fill the side hopper with pellets, set the temperature on the digital display, and let the grill do the rest! These grills also have an optional Wi-Fi feature so you can check your foods temperature as well as adjust your grill temperature right from your smart phone without even getting up from your lounge chair.   Now you can “turn pro” in your own back yard. 

For more information or to purchase your own Green Mountain Grill, please give us a call at (770) 786-5940 or contact us today.


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