ANDREW BALDY - Birmingham, AL

"I have purchased 3 units from Outdoor Products Unlimited and have been thoroughly satisified with the dependability of the units and, when service is required, the fast and friendly service that I receive.  I only hunt off a Bad Boy Buggie.  That Turkey that gobbles way across the property is in trouble because I can now get to him quietly before he flies off the roost...just like this one!"

Andy with Bad Boy

DAVID HUDSON - Lake Hartwell, GA

Hudson with Jetslide

"Our family absolutely loves the personal water craft docks we purchased from OPU.  They keep our boats out of the water so the hull stays clean and they make loading and unloading easy.  Our neighbor liked them so much he purchased two as well."

WARREN BUTLER - President and CEO/Georgia Federal Credit Union

I wanted to drop you a note to say that everything that you told me about the new XT BADBOY Buggie is TRUE!!!! This machine is fantastic. My wife and I use the BadBoy for competition in Trap and Sporting clay shoots. Everywhere we go, we have people coming to talk to us about our BadBoy. When we are not shooting, I have the BadBoy in the woods all hunting season. I have never had a problem climbing hills or crossing creeks;"It is like having a mini SUV". In fact, I have had to tow other hunting carts back to camp that have run out of power or broken down. This is the 2nd Badboy that I have purchased from you. Thanks for the great service and expertise.

Butler with Bad Boy
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